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New feature
UX / Interface

New feature: Offer a more immersive Flipbook experience with Popup Media Gallery

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Shared by Felix • March 01, 2023

Making media-rich, engaging Flipbook experiences just got better: say hello to the Popup Media Gallery!

Our newest feature expands upon the functions previously offered by Popup Image, Popup Image Gallery and Popup Video, all rolled into one.

Popup Media Gallery is now your unified solution for surfacing all kinds of visual media, from single to multiple images and videos. However, Popup Media Gallery does even more.

We know that the more engaging an experience you can provide your visitors, the longer they remain engaged with your Flipbook. The Popup Media Gallery feature allows you to create curated asset galleries that include both images and galleries, including from external sources—everything you need to create the rich experiences your Flipbook deserves!

What will happen to my existing Popup Image, Popup Image Gallery and Popup Video enrichments?

All your existing Popup Image-, Image Gallery- and Video enrichments will be migrated to the new Popup Media Gallery format. No functionality will change within your Flipbooks, so you don’t need to lift a finger!

Moving forward, these enrichments types will be replaced by a single Popup Media Gallery enrichment, in the Enrichment editor.

Is it as simple to implement as the previous Popup media types?

If it wasn’t simple to use, it wouldn’t be iPaper! You can populate your Popup Media Gallery in one of two ways:

  • Individually select images and videos, and customize the order in which you want to show them when a visitor clicks on your Popup Media Gallery, or
  • Selecting a folder from your Media Library containing assets you’ve already uploaded.

When you individually pick your media assets, you can choose from:

  • Any files from your Media Library
  • Any externally uploaded MP4 video
  • Any externally uploaded images
  • Externally hosted, public videos from YouTube, or Vimeo

Alternatively, if you already have all the assets uploaded in your Media Library, you can select an entire folder of mixed image and video assets, and create a Popup Media Gallery from it.

How do I set up a Popup Media Gallery in my Flipbook?

Setting up your new Popup Media Galleries is simple: you select it from the list of enrichment actions in the Enrichment editor just as you would any other Enrichment.

Take a look at our guide on how to use Pop Up Media Galleries, below:

UX / Interface

Improved deletion modals provide clearer, more informative steps when removing your Flipbooks or folders.

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Shared by Felix • February 21, 2023

While it’s not something you may often do, we want you to be able to remove folders and Flipbooks with confidence.

We’ve implemented better security features to the deletion process to make it clearer what folders, or Flipbooks you are deleting:

A bolder hover-over color

The new, blue hover-over color in iPaper allows you to accurately see which folder, or Flipbook you are interacting with.

More information on what you are deleting

The new deletion warning pane now informs you:

  • Whether you’re deleting a folder or a Flipbook,
  • The number of Flipbooks contained within, when deleting a folder
  • The name of the Flipbook or folder you are deleting
  • The accrued 30-day session count for the Flipbook or folder you are deleting

Additional fail-safes

You’ll also find a final fail-safe feature, whereby you confirm the deletion command by typing the name of said folder or Flipbook.

With these additional checks, we’re minimizing the risk of deletion accidents, meaning you are more confident that you’re deleting the right Flipbook or folder.

Feature update

Email sharing and email checkout are now unified as 'Email'

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Shared by Felix • February 16, 2023

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, claimed Da Vinci, and at iPaper, we believe that simplifying our products, without compromising on functionality, leads to higher user adoption and greater ease of use.

We’ve simplified our checkout options by merging Email sharing and Email checkout into one, unified checkout option, called Email.

As Email checkout already achieves the same task as Email sharing—allowing you to share your basket contents via email—while being much more customizable, it’s a no-brainer to merge them into one. Any existing Email sharing options have automatically been migrated to the new, Email checkout option.

With Email checkout, all the fields are fully customizable, meaning you can tailor it to exactly how you want.

The options available to you are quite broad:

  • Single line of text
  • E-mail field
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Dropdown menu
  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox list
  • Multiple choice
  • Email list
  • Consent checkbox

You can get a full rundown of the Email checkout option, as well as how to implement it in your shop configuration, in our guide, below:

You can add as many, or as few, fields as you need to make sure your visitors provide you with the data you need to complete the transaction.

Now, you only need to implement 1 Email checkout option, to allow your Flipbook visitors to check out to a vendor’s email address, or share their basket with someone else by entering another email address in the field. Simple!

Of course, if you have any questions about the new Email checkout option, just reach out to our Customer Care team via the messenger bubble in the corner, and we’ll be happy to help. ✌️

Feature update

Custom Scripting now available on all iPaper accounts

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Shared by Felix • February 02, 2023

The world and the Internet are changing, with more focus on browsing privacy. In a recent survey, 68% of respondents expressed that they wanted to control the conditions in which their data was collected online.

To support this, we have chosen to enable every customer with the ability to use the Cookie Consent Manager they already use on their website, in their Flipbooks.

We’ve got great news: Custom Scripting is no longer restricted to higher tiers, but available on every iPaper account 🥳

Our Custom Scripting allows you to inject third-party, or completely customized scripts into your Flipbook, and can be managed by anyone with Administrator-level access.

It’s this feature that allows you, for example, to show the same cookie banner in your Flipbook, as you do on your website.

The possibilities are vast! For example, you can use Custom Scripting to:

  • Implement tracking and analytics solutions other than our direct integrations with Google and Adobe
  • Display the same cookie consent banner as you use on your website or other parts of your online business
  • Inject a chatbot to offer your visitors direct access to your customer support, straight from your Flipbook, and so much more!

To find out more about, and how to get started with Custom Scripting, check out our guide, below:

New feature

iPaper now supports RBG blending space when processing Flipbooks

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Shared by Felix • October 24, 2022

When processing your PDFs to Flipbooks in iPaper, you can now select to use RGB blending space, instead of the default CMYK.

By default, iPaper uses the CMYK blending space, which is used primarily for PDFs designed for print. However, if you've designed your PDF specifically for digital use, you can select this option so that any images in your PDF are processed using the RGB blending space.

This means you can minimize the risk for visual differences when processing your PDF in iPaper.

Simply select the ‘Use RGB blending space’ checkbox when creating, or updating, an existing Flipbook. Easy!

Feature update
Tracking & Statistics

Improved statistics collection with updated Cookie consent banner

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Shared by Felix • October 17, 2022

We’ve updated how we present the cookie consent banner to visitors browsing your Flipbook, to improve how we collect statistics.

Previously, visitors were able to interact with your Flipbook without giving, or declining consent through the cookie consent banner. Without consent, we aren’t allowed to collect statistics from the user’s session.

We’ve introduced a ‘veil’ behind the cookie consent banner, meaning that visitors are now unable to interact with your Flipbook without having given, or declined consent in the cookie banner. This allows us to collect more accurate data from visitors, right from the beginning of their browsing session.

This update to our consent banner now means visitors must make an active choice before they can browse your Flipbook, in turn meaning more accurate statistics for you!


Improved account security 🔐

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Shared by Felix • September 29, 2022

To increase the security of your iPaper account, we've now made it a requirement to enter your current password when changing to a new one.


iPaper now supports WebP images!

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Shared by Felix • September 29, 2022

As part of our eternal quest to facilitate optimal Flipbook browsing experiences, we’ve added support for the WebP format. 🎉

The WebP format essentially aims at creating smaller, better looking images and typically achieves an average of 30% more compression than JPEG, without loss of image quality. It delivers the magic combination of high quality with a low file size—perfect for your Flipbooks!

Take a look and see for yourself:

Above, you can see a beautiful fjord, in classic JPEG format. It's 45 KB in size.

Below, however, you've got the same beautiful fjord in WebP format, and it's only 33 KB in size!

Another main advantage of WebP is its versatility—it incorporates both transparency and animation, meaning you can keep your Flipbooks looking as snazzy as they would with GIFs.

In short, using WebP instead of JPEG can offer:

  • Faster loading Flipbooks
  • Less media storage in your Media Library
  • Support for transparency and animation, without the drawbacks of GIFs.

Feature update
UX / Interface

Improved basket quantity UX

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Shared by Felix • September 29, 2022

If you use a shop integration in your Flipbooks, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve revamped how quantities are handled in the basket. Now, every item has a minimum quantity value of 1, meaning customers cannot remove an article by accident by changing the quantity to 0.

Of course, your customers will still be able to remove items from their basket by clicking the delete icon beside each item.

Item quantity fields now also support 4-digit values, for anyone buying a lot of items at once, and any manually inputted quantities, that aren’t supported, result in the field reverting to the last entered, valid quantity.

Feature update
UX / Interface

Improved file upload error- and warning messaging

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Shared by Felix • September 29, 2022

Using really large files isn’t great when it comes to user experience: it can result in files that take too long to load, and use up too much bandwidth.

But how big is too big? We answer that, here, but we’ve also improved how we inform you, in-app, of both files that exceed our file size limit, and those which are still within the limit but could cause a suboptimal user experience.

You’ll be presented with errors when a file cannot be uploaded, and warnings when a file might result in a poor experience, along with all the information you need on how you can optimize your files.