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Improved deletion modals provide clearer, more informative steps when removing your Flipbooks or folders.

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Shared by Felix • February 21, 2023

While it’s not something you may often do, we want you to be able to remove folders and Flipbooks with confidence.

We’ve implemented better security features to the deletion process to make it clearer what folders, or Flipbooks you are deleting:

A bolder hover-over color

The new, blue hover-over color in iPaper allows you to accurately see which folder, or Flipbook you are interacting with.

More information on what you are deleting

The new deletion warning pane now informs you:

  • Whether you’re deleting a folder or a Flipbook,
  • The number of Flipbooks contained within, when deleting a folder
  • The name of the Flipbook or folder you are deleting
  • The accrued 30-day session count for the Flipbook or folder you are deleting

Additional fail-safes

You’ll also find a final fail-safe feature, whereby you confirm the deletion command by typing the name of said folder or Flipbook.

With these additional checks, we’re minimizing the risk of deletion accidents, meaning you are more confident that you’re deleting the right Flipbook or folder.