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Feature update

Sharing Flipbooks is about to get more intuitive

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Shared by Felix • August 22, 2023

When your visitors share your digital catalog with others, it’s a great way of increasing traffic to your Flipbook. We’re replacing the in-built Flipbook sharing function with the native sharing feature of users' mobile devices to make sharing easier.

Previously, our inbuilt sharing function allowed you to share easily to preset platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter with one click, but sharing to other platforms required users to copy, and paste the catalog link manually, which is neither quick, nor intuitive.

By using the same sharing function that is used to share all content on a mobile, we think that sharing your Flipbook, will become easier, and more intuitive for your visitors. Users will also be able to make full use of their sharing shortcuts via their device’s sharing function, meaning that they can share, quickly and easily, to all the usual platforms they are used to using.

Custom sharing interfaces now possible via API

If you prefer to have a greater control over how, and to what channels your Flipbook is shared, you also have the option to create a custom sharing solution for your Flipbook using our Frontend API.

As we transition to native sharing, our current sharing feature will be entirely replaced. iPaper customers who have integrated a custom interface via our Frontend API should prepare for these changes and modify their interface accordingly. The good news is that we've extended our API to facilitate exactly that!

For detailed technical documentation on our Frontend API, please refer to the complete guide available, here.

When will this happen?

iPaper will implement the new sharing feature on

October 2, 2023.

How will this affect me?

If you already use our sharing options for your Flipbooks, on October 2, 2023, these will cease to be active, and instead your Flipbook visitors will be able to share via the device’s native sharing settings.

If you already use a custom interface for your iPaper Flipbook, you will need to accommodate for creating custom share settings for your desktop visitors, via our API. The share button requires an HTTPS connection in order to present custom sharing options to desktop visitors. These will not trigger, nor be visible, for Flipbooks served over HTTP connections.

What do I need to do?

If you are using our in-built sharing options today, you do not need to take action.

If you are using a custom interface today, and require custom sharing options for your Flipbook, you will need to build these into your interface. You will also need to ensure that your Flipbook is served over an HTTPS connection.

You can read more on the different ways you'll be able to share your Flipbook after October 2, 2023, in our new guide, below: