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Say hello to our JavaScript API v.3!

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Shared by Felix • April 11, 2023

Hi there,

We’ve just released our updated JavaScript (JS) API v.3!

If you're not already familiar with it, the JS API allows you to pass events to, and receive events from, the Flipbook viewer via JavaScript. In short, it enables direct communication between your iPaper Flipbooks, and your website.

This is beneficial when you:

  • Want to build a custom interface for your embedded catalogs.
  • Want to enable shopping from the catalog directly to your website basket.

Our latest version of the JS API introduces almost complete parity between what you can achieve via the API and the native iPaper interface.

💭 Wondering how you can use the JS API with your own Flipbooks?

Some of the functions that that can be accessed from the API v.3 include:

  • Open basket
  • Search for query X
  • Open the Table of Contents
  • Open Build a Flipbook
  • Get the total number of pages
  • Get the current page number(s)

🎉 But there’s even more!

With this new version, you can access all JS events from the custom scripting field in Flipbooks.

This means that your catalog no longer needs to be embedded for you to utilize JS API functionality—perfect, for example, if you would like to enable custom tracking functionality.

You can find full documentation of what you can achieve with our JS API over on our Technical Documentation page, below:

💡 If you're currently using JS API v.2

If you're already using the previous version of our JS API, you'll want to migrate over to the latest version.

v.3 comes with the added benefits of:

Migrating to v.3 is easy, when you use our migration guide to help you: