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A new product and checkout experience is coming to iPaper

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Shared by Felix • September 19, 2023

There are some exciting changes coming to iPaper: we’re creating a seamless transition between browsing and purchasing in iPaper Flipbooks. These changes aim to refine how products are presented in your digital catalogs’ cart, through:

Stage 1: A redesigned cart experience (Q1 2024)

We’re ushering in these changes with a revamped cart. This redesign will offer a more inspirational, and informative view of a customer’s cart, allowing for a seamless transition between browsing and purchasing.

Getting an overview of the products you’ve put in your cart, and finalizing your purchase is a key part, and often the culmination of your shopping journey. The redesigned cart feature is designed to put this in focus, by moving from the sidebar, to a dedicated cart modal. We’ve done this to make the cart more in line with established e-commerce design principles.

Additionally, this feature will inform visitors about when a product is added to the cart through informative toast-notifications, which include the ability to quickly add multiples of products to the cart.

Stage 2: Introducing the new Product concept (Q1 2024)

Complementing the redesigned cart, we’re also introducing a new concept to iPaper – the ‘Product’ feature – which will bring together all of a product’s specifications, including product images and variants, into an expanded product view modal.

Using Products, you’ll now be able to group different variants, including unique product images and descriptions, under a single product.

With the introduction of product images, we’re now able to enrich the cart experience further by including these in the cart, and the toasts that display when a product is added to it.

Experience the redesigned cart for yourself, live!

You can see, and interact with, the redesigned cart experience live in our demo Flipbooks:

What happens next?

We aim to deliver this new shopping experience across multiple stages, with the first being the launch, and testing, of the new cart concept including the new, modal-based layout.

Stage 1: A redesigned cart experience

  • We expect to roll out the new cart experience to everyone in early 2024.
  • Early Access will become available in November (read more below).

At present, it will not include the ability to display product thumbnails within the cart, or the introduction of the Product concept.

Stage 2: Introducing the Product concept

  • We expect Early Access to become available in Q1, 2024.
  • More information on how you can register your interest will follow.