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Add seasonal effects to your Flipbooks using Custom Scripting

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Shared by Felix • November 03, 2023

If your business publishes season-themed Flipbooks, or has business-critical sales periods in-line with popular holidays, you likely already create Flipbooks that cater specifically to these occasions. Often, this comes with designing a digital catalog with a specific look, involving custom images, products, and offers.

Did you know that you can also enhance your seasonal catalogs with fun, and immersive, on-screen effects through Custom Scripting?

That's right! Why not take a look at our seasonally-enhanced, Flipbooks, live:

With Custom Scripting, we’ve added a fun snowfall effect, and festive audio to our winter catalog, that visitors can toggle on.

In fact, we enjoyed our own demo so much, we’ve created a guide on how you can implement it on your own Flipbooks:

Happy holidays! ❄️