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New feature: Offer a more immersive Flipbook experience with Popup Media Gallery

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Shared by Felix • March 01, 2023

Making media-rich, engaging Flipbook experiences just got better: say hello to the Popup Media Gallery!

Our newest feature expands upon the functions previously offered by Popup Image, Popup Image Gallery and Popup Video, all rolled into one.

Popup Media Gallery is now your unified solution for surfacing all kinds of visual media, from single to multiple images and videos. However, Popup Media Gallery does even more.

We know that the more engaging an experience you can provide your visitors, the longer they remain engaged with your Flipbook. The Popup Media Gallery feature allows you to create curated asset galleries that include both images and galleries, including from external sources—everything you need to create the rich experiences your Flipbook deserves!

What will happen to my existing Popup Image, Popup Image Gallery and Popup Video enrichments?

All your existing Popup Image-, Image Gallery- and Video enrichments will be migrated to the new Popup Media Gallery format. No functionality will change within your Flipbooks, so you don’t need to lift a finger!

Moving forward, these enrichments types will be replaced by a single Popup Media Gallery enrichment, in the Enrichment editor.

Is it as simple to implement as the previous Popup media types?

If it wasn’t simple to use, it wouldn’t be iPaper! You can populate your Popup Media Gallery in one of two ways:

  • Individually select images and videos, and customize the order in which you want to show them when a visitor clicks on your Popup Media Gallery, or
  • Selecting a folder from your Media Library containing assets you’ve already uploaded.

When you individually pick your media assets, you can choose from:

  • Any files from your Media Library
  • Any externally uploaded MP4 video
  • Any externally uploaded images
  • Externally hosted, public videos from YouTube, or Vimeo

Alternatively, if you already have all the assets uploaded in your Media Library, you can select an entire folder of mixed image and video assets, and create a Popup Media Gallery from it.

How do I set up a Popup Media Gallery in my Flipbook?

Setting up your new Popup Media Galleries is simple: you select it from the list of enrichment actions in the Enrichment editor just as you would any other Enrichment.

Take a look at our guide on how to use Pop Up Media Galleries, below: