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Feature update

Split traffic between desktop and mobile when testing your Flipbooks!

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Shared by Felix • June 28, 2024

We’ve made our Split-testing tool even more robust with the ability to now set different weights for the Flipbooks you are testing, based on browsing device!

Given the difference both in screen size, and browsing habits across desktop and mobile devices, you might want to test the performance of Flipbooks based on viewing device.

With the added functionality of specifying weights based on device, you can effectively create different versions of your Flipbook: one optimized for desktop and one optimized for mobile, and send traffic to the corresponding catalog, meaning your visitors get the best possible browsing experience for the device they are using.

Previously, our Split-Testing tool allowed you to test two separate Flipbook URLs against each other, but made no distinction between for browsing device. This meant that if you weighted your Flipbooks at 50% each, there would be a 50% chance that a visitor would see either Flipbook, regardless of what device they were visiting from.

Now when you set up a split test, you’ll be presented with the option to set separate weights for your Flipbooks, for desktop and mobile devices respectively:

If you’re not already split-testing your Flipbooks, why not give our Split-testing tool a go, today: