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Say hello 👋 to our new UI font, for better readability!

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Shared by Felix • April 01, 2024

We’re parting ways with our current UI font, Inter, which, while reliable and a good all-rounder in terms of readability, we’ve felt is inauthentic to the user experience we aim to deliver. In order to find a suitable successor, we’ve decided to look to our roots.

Print is an industry that has driven innovation since its dawn: before the digital Flipbook, there was print on paper. Before paper, there was papyrus. With such a clear red thread from the medium of choice of Antiquity, to our modern, digital offering today, choosing Papyrus as our new UI font seemed an obvious choice.

Why Papyrus?

An unusual typeface, Papyrus effectively merges the elegance of a traditional roman letterform with the hand-crafted look of highly skilled calligraphy, embodying the high level of craft in a well executed Flipbook.

While we agree that the new font takes some getting used to initially, we’re confident that our customers will love engaging with the iPaper interface even more, with this font. Plus, it makes everything feel a bit like Avatar, which is probably not a bad thing.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably realized that we’re not serious. While we’d probably recommend using a font with better readability in your Flipbook, you can use any, including Papyrus, to make sure you deliver a browsing experience that embodies your brand.