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Multi-account Login: manage multiple iPaper accounts with ease!

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Shared by Felix • April 22, 2024

If you manage more than one iPaper account, you’ll love our latest update: with Multi-account Login.

Previously, every iPaper user needed a unique email address to log in, which in the case of users who manage multiple accounts, meant having as many email addresses. Users could work around this by using plus addressing, but this still required using multiple login credentials (hopefully, via a password manager).

This is now a thing of the past! As part of our mission to streamline the user experience, with Multi-account Login, you’ll only need to remember one set of login details, to access, and switch between all the iPaper accounts you manage.

How it works

With Multi-account Login, you will be presented with a list of all the iPaper accounts associated with your credentials, allowing you to choose the account you want to work in.

Switching between accounts has also become easy. Users will be able to navigate across all their accounts by selecting Account Switcher, which will open the list of accounts for the user.

Multi-account Login accommodates two-factor authentication, and single sign-on solutions

If your iPaper accounts use two-factor authentication (2FA) or single sign-on (SSO) solutions for added security, Multi-account login accommodates for both.

Available for everyone

Multi-account Login is available for all iPaper users across all plans. Users using the same login credentials across multiple accounts will automatically be presented with the account selector when logging in, if their credentials are registered on more than one account.

Account permissions are respected across all accounts, meaning you can be an administrator on one account, and a user on another, all using the same login.

Already manage multiple accounts with different login credentials?

If you already manage multiple iPaper accounts, and would like to convert your different logins to a single, multi-account login, you’ll need to do so manually.

Simply create a new user across all the accounts you manage, using the same email, and you’ll automatically be presented with all the accounts associated with your credentials, when you log in.