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Custom Scripting now available on all iPaper accounts

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Shared by Felix • February 02, 2023

The world and the Internet are changing, with more focus on browsing privacy. In a recent survey, 68% of respondents expressed that they wanted to control the conditions in which their data was collected online.

To support this, we have chosen to enable every customer with the ability to use the Cookie Consent Manager they already use on their website, in their Flipbooks.

We’ve got great news: Custom Scripting is no longer restricted to higher tiers, but available on every iPaper account 🥳

Our Custom Scripting allows you to inject third-party, or completely customized scripts into your Flipbook, and can be managed by anyone with Administrator-level access.

It’s this feature that allows you, for example, to show the same cookie banner in your Flipbook, as you do on your website.

The possibilities are vast! For example, you can use Custom Scripting to:

  • Implement tracking and analytics solutions other than our direct integrations with Google and Adobe
  • Display the same cookie consent banner as you use on your website or other parts of your online business
  • Inject a chatbot to offer your visitors direct access to your customer support, straight from your Flipbook, and so much more!

To find out more about, and how to get started with Custom Scripting, check out our guide, below: